30 September 2010

Neroli Jasmine Perfume Oil - FOR SALE

NEROLI JASMINE PERFUME OIL 30ml (THE BODY SHOP) for ONLY RM50. normal price/harga asal kt kedai = RM69. [sebab nk jual adalah kerana baunya amat thedak sesuai untukku. baru skali guna ajep. namun ia adalah sgt berbaloi sebab baunya sgtlah thn lama.] A luminous and dazzling floral oriental scent to wear everyday, all year long. Feel mysterious and captivating. As well as being the strongest and longest lasting form of fragrance, perfume oils are also alcohol-free. Ingredients : Neroli Jasmin Perfume Oil contains the following key ingredients .... Notes of neroli, freesia and violet leaf - Combine to create the crisp green and zesty top notes. Provide the initial scent of the fragrance. Awaken and stimulate the senses. Notes of orange blossom, jasmine and white peony - Combine to create the rich and sensual floral heart notes. Are the dominant notes of the fragrance. Notes of sandalwood, vanilla, musk and amber - Combine to create the warm and seductive base notes. Tend to linger on the skin longer than the other notes. KEPADA SESIAPA YANG BERMINAT, SILA TINGGALKAN KOMEN ANDA PADA ENTRI INI / TINGGALKAN MESEJ ANDA KE bayu_shane @yahoo.com.

19 September 2010

7 tips/trick utk pantaskn tahap metabolisma (utk selim melim)

Haluuu.. slamat meneruskn mood raya ebirebadi.. hikhik.. mesti sume2 kekenyangan yg amat kn time raya nih ha. mmg haros la gitu kn. gaya mkn xhengat pnya. ni sbb daku pn gitu. akaka.. olait. tgh sesaje melihat lihat di laman sesawang neh ha. ado lah ha kt inche yahoo tu daku terlihat ini tajuk. kasi klik dan tgk. oke. mnarik. utk sesama selim melim dan miliki pewot yg kempis kiut, moh le kt sesama bekongsi pengetahuan ni ha. moh le kite. slamat membaca ye eberibadi..
7 Tricks to a Speedier Metabolism

By Lucy Danziger, the Editor-in-Chief of SELF magazine

Some people are lucky: They seem to be born with a naturally high metabolism and slender physique that requires little exercise and calorie counting to maintain. My mother, God bless her, is one such person. I am not! So it’s a good thing I love to run, bike and swim. But when SELF asked experts about the habits that slow metabolism, I was surprised by some of their answers—and guilty of a few no-no’s myself (see number 1...and 2...and...). Fortunately, these habits are also totally fixable. Start paying attention to them today, and you’ll become one of the lucky ones—or at least look like one—in no time!

1. Scrimping on shut-eye

Catching zzz’s may help you stay slim, reveals research presented at the annual American Thoracic Society meeting in San Diego. In the study of more than 68,000 women, those who slept seven hours weighed 5.5 pounds less than women who slept five hours or less. Pulling frequent all-nighters may slow your metabolism, impairing your body’s ability to utilize food and nutrients as energy so they get stored as fat instead, scientists say.

2. Stressing out

When you’re on edge, you’re likely to sleep less and eat more, which can affect your thyroid, a gland that produces hormones which regulate metabolism, body temperature, heart rate and more. If your thyroid’s not producing enough of those hormones, it can slow your metabolism and other body functions, leading to weight gain, depression and fatigue. Take time for yourself daily to keep both your thyroid and metabolism humming at optimal levels.

3. Skipping breakfast

People often tell me they hate breakfast foods; I tell them, find something you can eat within an hour of waking up! Missing a morning meal is the worst thing you can do. It slows metabolism and depletes your body of the fuel it needs to function optimally, explains celebrity nutritionist Joy Bauer, R.D. But what you eat matters as much as the fact that you eat something. Simple, unrefined carbohydrates—as in a breakfast muffin or pastry—signal the brain to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that brings on calm when you most want to be up and at ’em. Also, your body digests simple carbs quickly, sending blood sugar soaring and then plummeting, resulting in an energy crash. Try to start each day with a breakfast that contains at least 5 grams of protein, which activates the production of norepinephrine, a neurochemical that increase heart rate and alertness. The nutrient also digests slowly, so blood sugar and energy levels stay stable. Try an omelet made with 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup chopped broccoli, 1/4 cup chopped onion and 1 oz lowfat shredded cheese; it delivers an impressive 22 g protein per serving.

4. Staying seated

Get out of that chair! Staying on your feet revs metabolism and doubles your calorie burn during workdays, a study in Diabetes reports. Sitting for a few hours switches off enzymes that capture fat in the bloodstream, but standing up and getting active reignites them. Surrender your seat when possible (e.g., during phone calls) to start reaping benefits.

5. Eating junk food

I love a French cruller as much as the next gal, but it turns out doughnuts can be double diet trouble. Not only do sugary, fatty treats add calories and fat to your daily tally (a Dunkin’ Donuts cruller packs 250 calories and 20 g fat), but they can also encourage your body to store more fat. Junk food might stimulate a gene that encourages your body to store excess fat, causing you to gain weight over time, a study in The FASEB Journal reveals. (In the study, mice without the troublemaking gene had 45 percent lower body fat after eating a high-fat and high-sugar diet for 16 weeks compared to critters with the gene who ate the same diet.) Quell a sweet craving with berries or an orange: They’re high in vitamin C, a nutrient that can help you sizzle up to 30 percent more fat during exercise, suggests research from Arizona State University at Mesa.

6. Falling into a workout rut

I hear it all the time: “I’ve almost reached my goal weight, but those last 5 (stubborn!) pounds just won’t come off.” Sound familiar? Weight loss can stall along the way partly because you get smaller. As you shrink, there is less of you to provide energy for, so you actually start to need fewer calories. These plateaus can last weeks, so rather than get frustrated, try new workouts or ways to eat healthy to keep your metabolism going strong and your body burning even more calories than before.

7. Dodging the weight room

Although cardio sessions turn up the heat and burn big-time calories (which is why I run, bike or swim most mornings and still enjoy dessert!), lifting weights helps you build calorie-burning lean muscle, says Jeffrey Garber, M.D., author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Overcoming Thyroid Problems (McGraw-Hill). And with more lean muscle, you extend the burn to when you’re just sitting at your desk or in the car. Add weight-bearing exercises like planks, lunges, squats and tricep dips to your workouts three times a week, and you’ll see toning results like you’ve never experienced before!

08 September 2010

Salam Aidilfitri

A'km eberiwan.. waahh!! muslimah lk jap ek. oke. yg kt bwh ni my e-kad raya okeh. hikhik.. katun itu opismate yg bikin. a'Rody yg kretip. yg len2 tu br daku. daku mmg xsekretip itu la kn mau bikin katun yg kiut itu.
Dengan kehadiran Syawal ni, maka akan berlalulah bulan Ramadhan yg penuh barokah. yg tentunya akan dirindui. smoga dpt la lg ketemu Ramadhan yg akan datang. insyaAllah. di kesempatan raya ni, daku mau susun spuluh jari mohon maap kalo ada sbarang kesalahan jua kesilapan kt rerakan blogger skalian, rerakan len sume, jua sesapa yg baca blog daku ini andai ada tersalah kata, terkasar bahasa ke kt dalam ni. kot ada ke yg trasa ati atau terkecit ati ngan penulisan daku atau komen2 daku kt blog2 yg laennya. itu kekurangan daku. mtk dimaapkan la ye. smoga hati kite sume suci, bersih, murni ajep bila berlalunya Ramadhan nt. insyaAllah. kepada rerakan yg akan pulang ke kampung nt, berhati-hati di jalan raya. smoga slamat smpi ke destinasi yg dituju. yg penting, bersederhanalah dlm menyambut lebaran ini yep..
our team.. graphic team.
olait. imej yg kt atas ni lk sepenuhnya dihasilkn oleh opismate daku yg sama. a'Rody.. dia mmg very talented rite. i likeeee.. mimang chumel. siap ada video raya men meriam buluh lg tau (kt fesbuk). hikhik.. thanks a'Rody utk sgala animasi jua katun yg chumel ini. raya ni adalah yg terakhir dia kt sini. sesudah raya nt dia akan bertukar ke opis lain sudeh. hukhuk.. moga akan ada kesempatan utk kita jd rakan seopis lg nt. insyaAllah.. olait.. itu ajep lah kot.
Smuga bergumbira di hari raya ye sumeee...